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Are you in the process of going through a foreclosure?

Due to the present state of the economy, Texas has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the United States.

Times are tough for many and it can be a challenge just keeping up with your monthly expenses. You may have even missed a few payments, and now you’re concerned about losing your home, or your business, or perhaps you are unable to get any coherent information out of your lender.

Anyone who has spent any time on the phone with their lender will undoubtedly recall a rather chaotic experience. Your lender has most likely employed an entire army of unhelpful phone representatives who often claim that you have not sent in the correct paperwork. Sometimes they will even claim to have lost your paperwork!

You may feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to move forward and it appears that you are unable to do anything about it.

If the above scenario sounds all too familiar, do not despair, there is actually a lot our office can do about your situation.

The first step is to realize that you, as a homeowner facing foreclosure, have many rights that you may be completely unaware of. Texas has laws in place to regulate foreclosure proceedings and to protect you, the borrower, from misconduct. If you are facing foreclosure and are at risk of losing your property due to foreclosure, it is extremely important that you consult with an experienced foreclosure attorney as soon as possible.

Why Consult With a Texas Foreclosure Attorney?

It is important to know what your rights are and it’s our job to ensure that creditors respect those rights. Unfortunately, they do not always play by the rules.

There may be instances of creditor misconduct, which have been illustrated by the national settlements with the big lenders, that would entitle you to have your mortgage re-examined or possibly waived.

Homeowners facing foreclosure may even have the right to seek out alternatives to foreclosure including loan modifications, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or short sales.

Attorney Clint Chase has helped countless numbers of homeowners who have faced foreclosure. He is a qualified foreclosure attorney can exercise your right to have your lender prove, in court, that they actually own your note and that you, in fact, have missed payments. By carefully asserting these claims on your behalf, an attorney can work with your lender to quickly determine the possibility of reinstating your mortgage, or may work with you to submit a loan modification request. During this process, we sometimes discover situations where the lender has violated federal or state law, allowing us to highlight these violations to your advantage.

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